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Hunger? Cravings? Or even worse... Hangry?

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

How do you know the difference?

If you think you are "hungry" and are satisfied with just eating more of the healthy foods you are trying to consume in your healthy lifestyle. Then you probably are actually hungry - eat up!

If you think you are "hungry" but not at all interested in eating more of the healthy foods you are trying to consume in your healthy lifestyle... you likely aren't hungry - you are "craving" something much different, and hunger is not the problem at all.

Cravings are tough to fight! This is where distractrion tactics may need to be used to keep you busy and your mind away from giving in.

Some suggestions to keep you busy:

Getting outside and going for a walk

A leisure countryside drive

A gym workout



It helps to distance yourself from the items you crave.

Some suggestions for snacks to hopefully knock you off of your craving-mode:

tea or coffee



carrot sticks

hard boiled eggs

lean meat


Then of course there is Hangry. This is when either your craving(s) or your hunger has turned into anger. We have all been there, going a little too long between meals or just simply mad that you are not eating what you really want to eat.

The catch is, those foods you are craving are only temporarily satisfying you. This may lead you to be very un-satisfied with yourself in the long run.

As much as no one wants to hear it, the more you give into those cravings the longer it takes to get over them.

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