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What Touches you, Drives you, Feeds you?

I'm fired up today for so many reasons.

First, my day started off with a bang when I was given what might have been the nicest compliment I have ever received in my entire life. If that alone isn't enough to set you off on the right foot what is?

In an even better mood than I originally started off (which is hard to top), full of energy and raring to go, I dive into my morning hypertrophy workout. I sweat it out. I love it, but make a few tweaks in the program to ensure optimal class flow from my newest Hypertrophy Clinic. I always like to give my class a "test drive" to ensure it's exactly what I want.

The ladies walk in and my focus shifts to making this the best damn hour of their day.

"I literally tell myself I am going to make this hour the best hour of their day."

I have invested in these ladies and I'm going to prove it. We have a great talk before we get into the workout, we discuss what really has to happen. What they really will have to do and what Intensity is really needed to get them where they want to be as far as hypertrophy is concerned from sleep - to nutrition - to hydration - to training - to recovering.

I keep it real. I tell them possibly what they don't want to hear, (but need to hear) so they can learn to stop with the vicious cycle of exercise and yo-yoing. It's true and they should know the truth.

I don't sell lies.(Probably why I haven't struck rich in this industry). According to the advertising in the industry, there IS a magic pill! Many of them (have a look at all of the magazines in the grocery line up that promise to reduce belly fat with 3 easy exercises or the pre-packaged products you can eat instead of food)... but they don't work!

Though my Hypertrophy Clinic is 4 weeks long it is not Fluffy's 4- Week Bootcamp. We aren't doing jumping jacks and we aren't setting a clock. We are Training not exercising. There are no lies or marketing tricks. The work has to be done.

They absorb everything I preach. They work hard. Probably harder than ever before in a gym. They amaze me. They amaze themselves. They amaze each other. We lift, we learn, we bond, we grow.

Class ends and the ladies thank me. Actually thank me, not just in kindness for running a class, but for my commitment, dedication and investment in them. It showed. I wanted to be the best coach I could be, and it showed.

I head into the nutrition aspect of my day where I meet with clients 1:1 and custom my program to their needs based on their lifestyles. A program like no other. What I consider my masterpiece.

The day goes on and out of no where I get yet another compliment that may NEVER be topped. What is going on?

This compliment floored me. With a lump in my throat, I continue on over the next hour and drove home thinking about the compliment over and over again and what it meant. It didn't just make my day. It make my year. (and it's only February!) Why am I getting all of these compliments?

It dawned on me. I struck a cord. More than one cord actually. Many cords with many people.

I realized since I decided to make big changes in my business over a year ago, that my motivation had changed. I now, am embarrassed of the coach I used to be. It's true. The one without motivation. The one that went through the motions of what coaches were supposed to do exactly how it was prescribed for us to coach. I guess you could say I "RX'd" as a Coach.

RX meant I did as I was told, not what I should have done, in hindsight.

Changing lives. Making a difference. Listening. Caring. Providing valuable information. Finding solutions to complicated problems rather than just "modifying" as directed.

Going above the "prescription". That's what I should have been doing a long time ago! But I failed.

Today, is a much different story. I help men and women bust plateaus, I teach people how to train, learning how to start with a base and build on it forming lifestyle changes that last... wait for it... for a LIFETIME.

I undo dieting. I undo starvation diets and calorie-restrictive diets. I take the stress out and create habits that take the fear out of food.

Not $1 of advertising spending has amounted to a single client over the years. Not one.

Each and every client has been via word of mouth. The cheapest, yet most effective form of advertising you can find. One you can't buy.

Those compliments touched me. They fed me. They drive me.

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