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Self Care via Self Improvement, Self Love & Self Confidence.

Self Improvement

1. Get Focused.

2. Be a Mentor to someone else. Nothing feels better than having someone look up to you. Set an example of how you want your life to be. How do you want to be remembered?

3. Be accountable for your actions. If you say you are going to do something - do it! Stop letting yourself down. Keep promises to yourself and to others.

4. Be Intentional. What's your reason for improvement?

5. Love yourself. Really actually think of what you DO love about yourself and make it shine. (see "Self Love" below..

6. Seek Support. If you don't have it through family and friends, get professional support from someone who can help you get your feet on the ground.

7. Embrace Challenges. It's easy to turn a blind eye, but generally nothing "easy" promotes improvement.

Self Love

1. Eat Well. The types of foods you eat play a big roll in how you feel. Proven fact. Sometimes you don't know you feel bad, until you feel good.

2. Proper Sleep. Good decisions, healing and recharging are all aspects of a good night's sleep. This also plays a very important roll in how you feel which translates to how you treat or talk to others.

3. Move Your Body. You don't have to be doing Crossfit or Kickboxing, Martial Arts or Mountain Biking to move your body. It can be as simple as stretching and walking. If you aren't able to walk, use a wheelchair or learning wheelchair/chair stretches or chair yoga.

4. Hydrate. Water, water, water, water, water... every organ in your body is begging you for this. Unfortunately our modern day marketing has given us way too many options other than water. Humans need WATER to function at optimal health no matter who you are or where you live.

5. Love Yourself. Really actually think of what you DO love about yourself and make it shine.

6. Get Outdoors. Even if you are sitting outside or just walking down a driveway or sidewalk to get the mail. Breath some actual moving air. At very least, sit by an open window for a short period of time and you may be surprised at how much better you will feel.

7. Reflect on your life. Good (and yes, bad) accept them both. Forgive and accept the bad and turn your focus to the good things that can still be ahead for you if you allow them to be.

Self Confidence

1. Thank Yourself. There are more than enough things in life you have accomplished that you should thank yourself for. You deserve it.

2. Forgive Yourself. Give yourself a new beginning. Set yourself free.

3. Focus on the Good. Our minds have a way of letting negative thoughts slip in. It's our brains natural way of trying to solve the problem (even if it's too late to solve) Remind yourself that this is normal. Happiness is a choice, and it doesn't always come easy or naturally to most (even if it looks like it does). It's a choice worth fighting for.

4. Positive Energy. There are communities in every town that embrace positivity. Yoga studios, Strength and Conditioning gyms, book clubs, schools... surround yourself with people who 'pick you up' and give you purpose you may not have known you had. (Pets and service dogs can also be a way to find positive energy if you aren't ready to find it in humans just yet - you may be surprised just how uplifting most animals can be.) Whatever the means, all positive energy will help you gain the confidence you deserve.

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