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There is nothing nicer than those with kind words to share,

for this I thank you 

~ The Zesty Avocado

Tracey B

She had me at "people are simply trying to out-train a poor diet" After spending decades trying every diet out there, losing weight and gaining more along the way, I have finally found a lifestyle that works for me! Rhonda's nutrition sessions and personal training is the full package! She is knowledgeable, informative and provides amazing guidance throughout the journey! She is a great source of support and I wholeheartedly recommend Rhonda's programs!


The consistent support and accountability that Rhonda provides has been the key to my success! She was willing to meet me "where I was at" on my health and wellness journey and come up with a plan that has been sustainable, leaving me feeling energized, well-nourished and feeling accomplished! I appreciate her "in it together" mentality, her sense of humour and the down to earth vibe she brings with there nutrition coaching. I look forward to continuing to work with her as I move into maintenance and then muscle gaining. Most importantly trust the process, put in the hard work and know that Rhonda can help get you to your goals!

Norma D

I joined The Zesty Avocado online nutrition group in November 2018, a post Halloween Challenge and because I liked it so much I joined two more groups offered thereafter. The online format had peaked my interest and I had no set expectations of the group or of myself. I thought it may be an opportunity to gain some much needed motivation. With little risk and I decided to invest in the group and give it a whirl. 

The guidelines seemed intimidating at first, but I got the swing of things and was surprised how inspired I was by seeing and sharing food photos within the group! Where I thought I should keep my food "fails" a secret - it was the opposite! Rhonda was realistic, provided positive reinforcement and alternatives. 

Her formats worked well for me. I never did put a battery in my scale (and that was fine with Rhonda!) I did notice changes and also had an overall improved sense of well-being. 

Deb S

About a year and a half ago I signed up for an online Nutrition Challenge with The Zesty Avocado. To my surprise, I dropped almost 9 pounds at my first weigh-in! I finally had found something that my body agreed with and that actually worked! I stuck with her program and dropped a total of 30 pounds! 

The Zesty Avocado program gave me the tools to eat healthy wile still enjoying my meals.. I also found I was sleeping more soundly, had more energy in the day, my skin was so much more clear and I felt so much better about myself. Thank you Rhonda for educating me, motivating me and supporting me! I couldn't have done it without you!!

Ashleigh H

The Zesty Avocado was incredible! My favourite part about working with Rhonda was seeing how committed she was to my success. Rhonda gets to know the root of your triggers when it comes to eating and targets those right away. Her "touch bases" and weekly projects made me stay accountable. When I succeeded I really felt like she was genuinely happy for me and motivated me toward my next goal. 

If you're looking for someone to not just coach you but more importantly, to support you while challenging you - sign up with The Zesty Avocado now!

Jen L

I have worked with The Zesty Avocado on several occasions in terms of cleaning up my bad habits and focusing on clean nutrition. I would not hesitate to recommend her! She is patient, non-judgemental and very knowledgeable. She has worked with me to achieve very important goals in my journey  in a manageable way - and best of all, she truly cares! 

Rebecca B

I completed an online challenge with The Zesty Avocado in January 2019. Much like everyone, this was a time right after the holidays where I wasn't feeling confident or  healthy having indulged for two months. But also personally a time where I was gearing up for two major competitions as a varsity figure skater. As an athlete, diets and strict eating can be very difficult in training season, and I often have a hard time balancing proper food intake while I'm away at university purely because of my busy schedule. 

Rather than aiming to loose a huge chunk of weight fast, this program was about getting rid of unhealthy habits and forming a good routine that combined a healthy intake of good foods. I lost 5.9 pounds and a total of 11 inches across my body in 4 weeks! With Rhonda's encouragement I was able to keep true to a healthy program that suited my needs and stayed in peak performance shape to kill it at my competitions. I also learned some really great tips about meal prep and healthy habits when you don't have access to your own kitchen which helped me a great deal during my busy season and traveling competitions! Thank you. 

Teresa M

If you are looking to lose weight the right way and healthy way then The Zesty Avocado is for you! Rhonda is with you every step of the way giving support and answering your questions. I was having a hard time losing the weight and she proved to me that it can be done by learning how to change habits which in turn changed my lifestyle. Thanks again for everything you do Rhonda! You are my star!

Tammy W

The Zesty Avocado has helped me to understand what living a healthy lifestyle looks like. I have even re-joined a few of Rhonda's programs to keep accountable and I have had great success! 

My goal is to be healthy and feel good. After years of struggling with my health and my weight, Rhonda was able to help me find balance that worked for me. She has a great set program but also gears it individually to suit each person's needs. I have been able to not just lose my weight in a healthy way - but to maintain my new weight for 3 years now! I feel better than ever! My health issues have also decreased! 

I fully encourage anyone interested in learning that a healthy lifestyle is a choice not a "diet" and to contact The Zesty Avocado to learn the best ways to set habits that change your life! Her support and dedication is outstanding and her success rate with her clients is amazing! I highly recommend her to help you get on track and stay on track with a healthier lifestyle! 

Karina C

Rhonda taught me that through making a few changes in my diet, I can lose weight and keep myself healthy. Thanks to Rhonda’s program, I have lost 21 pounds! My doctor said that I had the beginnings of rheumatism on my left knee and also Achilles tendonitis, which is very painful. Currently, after losing the weight and cleaning up my lifestyle with Rhonda's help, I am pain free. Working with Rhonda has been life changing for me.

Judy D

Rhonda created a nutrition plan for our office staff that turned out to be a huge success! She laid everything out for us and really paid a lot of attention to all of our personal goals so that we all achieved results.  Not only did she put us on a clean eating path, she recognized that life gets in the way and had wonderful , knowledgeable suggestions to get us through those times and get right back on track to good eating habits. And that’s the difference, her plan is for real life, and that enabled us to continue on with great habits even after the challenge was done.  Weight loss is never easy, but this plan allowed us to eat some really delicious, healthy food that only made us feel even better as time went on.  Good, healthy habits created for real life. Thanks Rhonda!

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