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Going for the Big "W" (the Win!)

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Start with keeping it simple and as stress-free as possible by:

* Incorporating one new thing at a time (example: cutting out added sugar)

* Don't overwhelm yourself with too much too soon (giving yourself way too many challenges at once can lead to feeling overwhelmed and wanting to give up before you've even begun)

Think of each meal separate from other meals:

This way, if you mess up one meal your whole day isn't a disaster! It was just one meal of the day. There is no reason to have to "start tomorrow" when you can start again with the very next meal instead. There is no need to sabotage the whole day for a mishap.

Keep track of your "Wins"

If you've completed your meal/snack compliant to the goal you set for yourself (example: cutting out added sugar) then consider that meal/snack as a Win!

Keep going for the Big "W" (a whole day of Wins!)

Once you start to see more wins in each day, your body will start to react to these changes. You may start to notice little changes, pants fitting a little looser, skin looking a little more vibrant, maybe you're sleeping better at night - or subtle changes, that only you are noticing... for now. But, if you contiue pushing for the daily wins... you won't be the only one seeing the changes!

This "Win System" is a good way to help ease the pressure of having to be "perfect" each day. Especially while you are trying hard to adjust to the changes you have made. This is also a good method to use so that you don't beat yourself up emotionally when you mess up a little. When it happens, dust yours

elf off and start fresh with the next meal/snack.

Once your "Wins" are consistant for 3 to 4 (or more) consecutive days, add in another goal for yourself.

examples: cut back on bread, drink 8 glasses of water, add 1-2 cups of vegetables to your daily intake, cut down on alcohol consumption, or add protein to each meal...

There are so many ways you can continue to improve your health. Choose another one, and start all over with the Win System again.

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