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New Year's Resolutions Slipping Away?

Don't let your New Year's Resolutions Slip Away!

If you are reading this blog, you likely are struggling with your weight loss resolutions. Have you lost sight of the plan and tossed in the towel on the New Year's Resolution?

How good has your goal-setting been so far for 2019?

Most people don't know much about goal setting and usually end up exactly where they don't want to be weeks or months after setting their New Year's Resolution goals.

Very few people set goals and achieve them, and out of the ones that do set goals, they likely never make them clear, specific and meaningful enough to be achieved.

The first step is determining what goal you are looking to accomplish. Focus at only one at a time or it can be way too overwhelming and too many cuts all at once.

Step #1. Determine the type of goal you want to focus on. Below are a few ideas on the type of goal you may be trying to achieve. (maybe it isn't on this list, but it's up to you to determine where your focus will be)

  • Nutrient Consumption

  • Lifestyle

  • Fat Loss

  • Decrease Blood Pressure

  • Lower Cholesterol

  • Fitness Level

  • Commitment to Workouts

  • Etc.

Step #2 - WHY is this goal so important to you? Right now, step away from your device and get a pen and paper. Write it down! WHY? Why do you want this so badly? If your reason for this goal isn't that important to you, you may not be ready to make the changes required to make the goal a success.

Step #3 - What obstacles get in the way of your goal and put you right back where you started? Figure out why you always give up on your goal over time. Create solutions to get around those obstacles! If you are not willing to follow through with the solutions to the obstacles, go back to your "why" and make sure it's important enough. Changes have to be made in order to meet your goals. Are you ready to make those changes to get past the obstacles? Is the reasoning important enough to you? If they are, you are ready to follow through with a real plan.

So many people know their reasonings are important, know what their obstacles are and know what they need to do to get around them. They struggle with accountability to themselves because of years of being so unaccountable to themselves. That's why I created my highly-effective "Goal-Getter" package. All the help you need included over the phone via weekly consultations and follow up emails. This package not only gives you accountability, guidelines and direction, it is also designed to help you learn-as-you-go to make sure this goal is not only important and worth sticking to, but also to ensure that you know how to continue with it long term.

Be sure to check my services out at:

A Free Goal-Setting Sample Guide to help you get started:


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