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3 Things I Have Learned from Nutrition Coaching

The most obvious thing I have learned is that most people, when setting goals, or getting geared up for a diet, is that they usually start for all of the wrong reasons... and that's okay!

Lesson 1

The #1 reason most people want change is for looks alone.

Why is this okay? It's okay because it is your initial motivation. You have hit a wall, you no longer want to looks this way, and seeing physical results will motivate you to continue towards what really matters, health improvement!.

My goal with my clients overtime, is to get them to also see the many, way more important reasons, to stay motivated and create a lifestyle change for long-term goals. I like to ask my clients "What do you want your future to look like?"

This usually gets them talking about being active, retired, travelling... etc, etc... without good health (no matter how much you weigh) you will not have the opportunity to reach these long-term goals. That is why health is more important than weight on the scale in the long run. However, if that initial motivation is what gets you headed in the right direction to ultimate health, than it's a great place to start!

Lesson 2

I can lead a horse to water...

I have learned that leading someone to success isn't enough, if they aren't prepared to do their part.

The hardest work is still done by the client.

No matter how much someone can be lead to results, supplied with the tools of professional knowledge, guidance and accountability provided, the client must be willing to do their part. A hard lesson for all.

Lesson 3

I have the most rewarding job in the world!

There are no words to describe the feelings I get when I see, not only physical results in my clients, but mental improvements, health improvement and best of all confidence improvements!

To see a client literally transform their lives and feel confident and happy, is all I need to keep working my hardest! Lesson #3 - Love what you do and you will do it well!

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